Central Battery system CBS The C24 Central Battery Systems range power 24 Vdc emergency lights from a distant position. NormaLux is now launching a brand new second generation of CBS that are able to control fittings individually (switching on and off, dimming, tests, etc) and know their status. These are the Addressable C24. Whereas the basic option offers two references based on the output power (C24-100 for 100W and C24-300 for 300W), in this new version NormaLux offers one reference (C24I-300)with a number of significant features. The basic C24 has four maintained outputs at 24Vdc whereas the addressable C24 has eight.
Intelligent CBS that warn in case there are any anomalies and make it possible to control: • The CBS itself and each of the outputs in the basic version, C24 • The CBS, the outputs, and each luminaire connected to the outputs in the Addressable C24 versions All of them can be controlled in remote from a computer or from a “Central of Centrals”.